We also cater bulk uniforms for various verticals like educational institutions, railway, aviation, hotels, hospitals, factories, etc. Our creations are customized, from the design to production. We achieve innovative products, consistent with the identity of each client, with high standards of quality and a competitive cost for the market to which it is intended for.


Since the launch of this department, our school uniform range has gone from strength to strength and we have the capability to cater to the demands of all kinds of school uniforms. This includes a delightful selection of gingham dresses in either 100% cotton or 85% polyester/15% nylon. Our designers have paid every attention to fit, comfort and durability while adding discrete fashion details to many of the garments. Our Teflon-coated uniform range offers outstanding value for both the budget and fashion conscious.


Uniforms are, amongst all, a vehicle of ongoing communication and one of the most economical ways to give brands visibility and awareness. The corporate image of each college is carefully crafted according to an appealing and functional design, so that everyone feels that they're "wearing" the identity of their College.

Medical Wear

We listen to our customers and place a strong emphasis on research and development across all of our ranges from nurses uniforms to nurses dresses so that we always offer the best quality, value and design. So, with some well informed research and a lot of hard work, we'll have your nurses looking and feeling their very best, for longer. Take advantage of the nurses uniforms and nurses dresses that are on our multibuy scheme. The more you buy the more you save on any combination of sizes.


At Strings Unlimited we understand that as a chef you need to keep cool under pressure all day long. Working long hours, constantly on the move, moving from roasting hot ovens to flaming hobs, you need chef wear that is durable yet breathable. All of our chef whites and aprons are made from the finest quality materials and fabrics, so they remain fresh and comfortable, wash after wash. That’s why so many professionals recommend Simon Jersey as their chosen chef wear supplier. Browse our full range of long and short sleeve chef jackets, trousers, hats, aprons and other accessories below.